Much Anticipated 2019 Releases

I have been through all the catalogue that I can lay my hands on and these are the books that I am most looking forward to reading next year. I even have a couple of them already! Any take your fancy?



Burning The Sky: Project Argus, The Most Dangerous Scientific Experiment In History by David Sumpter

Around The World In 80 Trains: A 45,000-Mile Adventure by Monisha Rajesh

A Vicious Wonderland: Travels In Burma by David Eimer

Mudlarking: In Search Of London’s Past Along The River Thames by Lara Maiklem

Coastal Britain: England And Wales – Celebrating The History, Heritage And Wildlife Of Britain’s Shores by Stuart Fisher

Tracking The Highland Tiger: In Search Of Scottish Wildcats by Marianne Taylor

The Gentle Art Of Tramping by Stephen Graham

Mountain Man: 446 Mountains. Six Months. One Record-Breaking Adventure by James Forrest

Take The Slow Road: England And Wales by Martin Dorey

Clearing The Air: The Beginning And The End Of Air Pollution by Tim Smedley

Superheavy: Making And Breaking The Periodic Table by Kit Chapman

Skateboarding And The City: A Complete History by Iain Borden

The Wind At My Back: A Cycling Life by Paul Maunder


Bodley Head

Now We Have Your Attention: Inside The New Politics by Jack Shenker

In Praise Of Walking by Shane O’Mara



Salt On Your Tongue: Women And The Sea by Charlotte Runcie

Quicksand Tales: The Misadventures Of Keggie Carew by Keggie Carew

When: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink

The Chronology Of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch

Unspeakable: The Things We Cannot Say by Harriet Shawcross

London Made Us: A Memoir Of A Shape-Shifting City by Robert Elms

Outpost by Dan Richards

The Story Of Looking by Mark Cousins

A Human’S Guide To The Cosmos by Jo Marchant



A Road For All Seasons by Harry Bucknall

A Walk Across The Rooftops by Dom Joly


Ebury Press

Earth From Space: Epic Stories Of The Natural World by Michael Bright And Chloe Sarosh

I Never Knew That About Coastal England by Christopher Winn

This Nation’s Saving Grace by Stuart Maconie



The Innocent Anthropologist: Notes From A Mad Hat by Nigel Barley

A Plague Of Caterpillars: A Return To The African Bush by Nigel Barley

Not A Hazardous Sport: Misadventures Of An Anthropologist In Indonesia by Nigel Barley


Faber & Faber

The Universe Speaks In Numbers: How Modern Maths Reveals Nature’s Deepest Secrets by Graham Farmelo

All Together Now: One Man’s Walk In Search Of His Father And A Lost England by Mike Carter



The Shadow Captain by Alastair Reynolds



The Way To The Sea: The Forgotten Histories Of The Thames Estuary by Caroline Crampton

Choked: The Age Of Air Pollution And The Fight For A Cleaner Future by Beth Gardiner

Not Working: Why We Have To Stop by Josh Cohan

Island Song by Madeline Bunting


Hamish Hamilton

Underland by Robert Macfarlane

Irreplaceable: The Fight To Save Our Wild Places by Julian Hoffman


Head Of Zeus

Cage Of Souls by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Money For Nothing: The South Sea Bubble And The Invention Of Modern Capitalism by Thomas Levenson

The Royal Society And The Invention Of Modern Science by Adrian Tinniswood

The Book Of Kells by Victoria Whitworth by Female by

The Making Of Walnut Tree Farm by Rufus Deakin And Titus Rowlandson



The Intelligence Trap: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things And How To Avoid Them by David Robson

The Science of Fate: Why Your Future Is More Predictable Than You Think by Dr Hannah Critchlow

The Supernavigators: How Creatures, Great And Small, Find Their Way by David Barrie


Icon Books

Six Impossible Things by John Gribbin

ArtArtificialtelligence by Yorik Wilks

Survellience Valley by Yasha Levine

Beyond Coincidence by Martin Plimmer & Brian King

The Big Ones by Lucy Jones

The Spy In Moscow Station by Eric Haseltine


Influx Press

Mothlight by Adam Scovell

Built On Sand by Paul Scraton


Jo Fletcher

Lost Acre by Andrew Caldecott


John Murray

The Human Tide: How Population Shaped The Modern World by Paul Morland

The Stonemason: An Insider’s History Of Britain’s Buildings by Andrew Ziminski

Unthinkable: An Extraordinary Journey Through The World’s Strangest Brains by Helen Thomson

The Brief Life Of Flowers by Fiona Stafford


Jonathan Cape

Time Song: Searching For Doggerland by Julia Blackburn


Little Toller

Woods Of The Helford River by Oliver Rackham

Living With Trees by Robin Walter


Little, Brown

Cold Warriors by Duncan White



The Warship by Neal Asher

Children Of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I Spy: My Life In MI5 by Tom Marcus by Male


Michael Joseph

The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea

A History Of Britain In 12 Maps by Philip Parker



Weirder Maths At The Edge Of The Possible by David Darling And Agnijo Banerjee

The Way Home: Tales Of A Life Free From Technology by Mark Boyle



The Rosewater Insurrection by Tade Thompson



Agency by William Gibson by Male

A Fistful Of Shells: West Africa From The Rise Of The Slave Trade To The Age Of Revolution by Toby Green

The Demon In The Machine by Paul Davies by Male

Humble Pi: A Comedy Of Maths Errors by Matt Parker

Upheaval: How Nations Cope With Crises (Or Don’t) by Jared Diamond

Licence To Be Bad: How Economics Corrupted Us by Jonathan Aldred



Nature’s Mutiny: How The Little Ice Age Transformed The West And Shaped The Present by Philipp Blom



Chasing The Sun: How The Science Of Sunlight Shapes Our Bodies And Minds by Linda Geddes

A Farmer’s Diary A Year At High House Farm by Sally Urwin

Keirin: War On Wheels: Inside Japan’s Cycling Subculture by Justin Mccurry

The Forager’s Calendar: A Seasonal Guide To Nature’s Wild Harvests

Working With Nature Saving And Using The World’s Wild Places by Jeremy Purseglove



Empty Planet by Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson

10 Women Who Changed Science, And The World by Catherine Whitlock & Rhodri Evans

All The Ghosts In The Machine by Elaine Kasket

Talking To Robots by David Ewing Duncan


Square Peg

Wild London by Sam Hodges And Sophie Vickers

How To Catch A Mole: And Find Yourself In Nature by Marc Hamer


The Bodley Head

Origins: How The Earth Made Us by Lewis Dartnell by Male



Sunfall by Jim Al-Khalili

Still Water: Reflections On The Deep Life Of The Pond by John Lewis-Stempel



Walking: One Step At A Time by Erling Kagge



Out Of The Woods by Luke Turner

Syria’s Secret Library by Mike Thomson

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Like the best wish list ever!

    I’m still bothered by the fact that Robert McFarlane is younger than me. I don’t know why: I’m not that young myself and I don’t need sage elders particularly, but it does. Happy reading if you get to all and any of these!

    • admin

      He is younger than me too

  2. Neil Ansell

    Looks like there could be some gems in there. I have read just one of these, in proof form. Also one to look out for that is not on your list is Horizon by Barry Lopez, out from Bodley Head in March. I am halfway through and it’s an absolute stunner of a book, one of the best things I’ve read in years.

    • admin

      Thanks for that, Neil, will add that to the list. Kathleen Jamie has got a new one coming out too called Surfacing and Elliott and Thompson have just sent me their list of new releases too, which has three really good ones.

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