#NonFictionNovember Giveaway

As it is #NonFictionNovember I’d thought that I would do a Giveaway

I have a set of all three of the books by the late great Roger Deakin. He was a writer, environmentalist and founder of Common Ground. Waterlog is considered the book that sparked the interest in Wild Swimming. He is a beautiful writer with a keen sense of observation of the world around him.

They are second hand and are in good condition. This is a UK only giveaway. Just comment below and I will choose an entrant randomly next Friday Evening around 9pm

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  1. Karen Mace

    Great giveaway! Stunning looking books too! Non fiction November has definitely got me back into reading books I often forget about!

  2. Stacey Woods

    Great giveaway – looking forward to getting into some non-fiction before the end of the year – I have some lovely titles at home…

  3. Jason Denness

    Brilliant giveaway, I'd share it but then I might not win 🙂

  4. Paul Cheney

    As I have only had three entrants would you like one each?

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