October 2020 TBR

Hi Everyone. As the nights are rapidly drawing in I am looking forward o getting stuck into these in October.


Finishing Off (Still!)

Vickery’s Folk Flora: An A-Z of the Folklore and Uses of British and Irish Plants – Roy Vickery

Lotharingia: A Personal History Of Europe’s Lost Country – Simon Winder

A Time Of Birds: Reflections on Cycling Across Europe – Helen Moat

Slow Train to Guantanamo – Peter Millar

Corvus: A Life with Birds – Esther Woolfson

Modern Nature – Derek Jarman


Blog Tours

Attack Surface – Cory Doctorow

Confess – Julia Van Der Molen

Days of Falling Flesh and Rising Moons – Steve Denehan


Review Copies

Thank you to the publishers that have sent me these review copies:

American Dirt – Jeanie Cummins

The Maths Of Life And Death – Kit Yates

Time Among the Maya: Travels in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico – Ronald Wright

A Time Of Birds: Reflections on Cycling Across Europe – Helen Moat

A Human Algorithm: How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Who We Are – Flynn Coleman

Signs of Life: To the Ends of the Earth with a Doctor – Stephen Fabes

A Bird a Day – Dominic Couzens

The Age of Static: How TV Explains Modern Britain – Phil Harrison

Material: Making and the Art of Transformation – Nick Kary

Bringing Back the Beaver: The Story of One Man’s Quest to Rewild Britain’s Waterways – Derek Gow

Rotherweird – Andrew Caldecot

Wyntertide – Andrew Caldecot

Featherhood – Charlie Gilmour

Attack Surface – Cory Doctorow


Library Books

Complete change around from last month as for the first time in a very long time I have had to renew my library books. These are the next books due back fairly soon now:

Modern Nature – Derek Jarman

Inglorious – Mark Avery

Nightingales In November – Mike Dilger

Nine Pints – Rose George

Buzz – Thor Hanson


Challenge Books

As well as a dusty shelf challenge that I am running on Good Reads, I am joining in with #20BooksOfSummer run by Cathy at 746 books.

From Rome to San Marino – Oliver Knox

Hokkaido Highway Blues – Will Ferguson

A Dragon Apparent – Norman Lewis

In Search of Conrad – Gavin Young


Own Books

See challenge books!



Rapture – Carol Ann Duffy

Mancunian Ways – Isabelle Kenyon (Editor)


Science Fiction

Didn’t read any last month (yet again!!!) so this is still on the list:

One Way – S.J. Morden

Attack Surface – Cory Doctrow

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  1. Dorothy~Jane McLachlan~Wortley

    Read CORVUS A LIFE WITH BIRDS when first released in PB. Not quite what I expected to be fair I did mostly enjoy it but it , in the second half/final third of the book become a bit to entangled with religion for me.
    It has to be at least 10 years ago I read it and so will look forward to your thoughts.
    I did listen to an event with Esther Woolfson for her new book – Wigtown Book Festival online and , sadly yet again quite a lot of religion pops in.
    As I say I did enjoy it apart from this and hope you will to.
    Stay safe.

    • Paul

      I have read Field Notes from a Hidden City which was good, so we will see with this one

  2. Liz Dexter

    Good TBR as ever. I need to poke around in mine for my state of the TBR post …

    • Paul

      I know I am not going to get to all of them, but I am getting through my TBR a little

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