Wild and Free Wild and Free by Dominic Couzens
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In the urban sprawl, it is sometimes hard to see the natural world, but most people don’t realise that after an hour or so in the car from their front door they’d be able to see some of best examples of wildlife, woodlands and our finest natural landscapes. Thankfully in this book, Dominic Couzens has collated a list of the places that you may be close to that will give you the best opportunity to see the wildlife in your region.

There is something in here for everyone, moorlands, coastal and wetlands, woodlands and even derelict industrial areas. There is a short history of each place and personal suggestions on what to see from Couzens. Each of the 100 places that he recommends to visit, contains details of how to get there and where to park as well as lots of details on what delights that you could see depending upon the season that you visit. The book is packed full of photos of the sites, as well as the beautiful artworks by Elizabeth Baldin. Not just for wildlife lovers, but perhaps everyone to keep one in the glovebox of the car. 3.5 stars

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