Rewild Yourself by Simon Barnes

There are a large number of people who only go outside if they have to, moving between house and car, car and office and almost never take the time to walk away from the asphalt, away from the modern technology and rediscover the wild. The evidence is starting to grow too that this is an essential part of our psyche and how spending just a short amount of time outdoors has significant short and long term benefits.

With the aim of encouraging people to head outdoors, Simon Bares has selected twenty-three different simple steps that anyone can do for almost no budget or a very small one. Example of the ideas that he suggests are always taking a plastic bag with you as the best way to start to see wildlife is to sit still and to sit still for a long time, it is not easy doing so with a wet bum. The same logic applies to getting waterproof trousers to make it more comfortable when out and about in inclement weathers. He will suggest when it is in your interest to spend some money. For example, investing in a bat detector or buying a decent set of binoculars will pay dividends. He recommends buying the best you can afford with sound advice on what to get depending on the sorts of things that you are wanting to look at.

The best thing about this book is that it is peppered with advice about the inexpensive ways to see wildlife. Taking time to slow down and let it come to you rather than crashing through the undergrowth and scaring it away. Also, sage wisdom is taking the time to celebrate everything that you see. You should get the same pleasure as you would seeing a red admiral as you would a purple emperor, Barnes argues.

The most important thing that you can do though is to invest time in getting outdoors and seeing what is around in your local area. For those that can’t do that, then put out bird feeders and put plants in your garden that attract insects. Start off simply and build up. You do not need to be an expert, just a change in attitude and the wild world can be yours.

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    Sounds like a very wise book!

    • admin

      It is, Karen. Full of sensible suggestions

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