3 out of 5 stars

Just being alive is a fight, but it is often a fight that you are unaware of until you feel a few degrees under and have a temperature.  That is the thing that keeps you alive working, your immune system. It is a complex marvel of nature and is something that scientist have really started getting to grips with, with painstaking research and a few lucky and intuitive breakthroughs. This new understanding of our immune system is now unlocking the keys to dramatically different approaches to our health and well being.

Daniel Davis is an expert in this field, and it shows in this book which is an in-depth look at the way that our bodies work in keeping us safe. He covers the history of our understanding of how they think it all works and brings us right up to date with the very latest discoveries. These are not only details on the very latest drug trials, but how lifestyle and mindfulness can play their part in our health and resilience against diseases. There is a long way to go, and there will no doubt be many more revelations as scientists delve deeper. It does have a strong narrative and Davis does mix the complex science with real-life stories. Even though most of it was clear, I did feel it got a bit too technical at times for me but the majority was straightforward to read.

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