The Bumblebee Flies Anyway by Kate Bradbury

3 out of 5 stars

Moving to a new home in Brighton was a little bit daunting for Kate Bradbury, but it was the right time in her life to do it. The only problem was that space outside her back door was a barren and lifeless decked yard. The decking wasn’t in that great a condition either, so one day she decided that the whole lot had to come out and ventured out with her screwdriver.

Removing it took a little while and it revealed the stuff that had been left underneath that needed clearing, but in the end, it is gone and she has a blank canvas to create her own garden. As she wrestles the man-made elements away, her neighbours are in the process of covering their gardens with hard landscaping. Enriching the long covered soil means that she is finally able to put plants in that are going to attract insects and other wildlife. Bird boxes and feeders and bee hotels start to have the desired effect, turning a lifeless place into one that gives her pleasure every day.

This book proves what you can do if you don’t cover your outdoor spaces with decking or paving and think of your garden in wildlife terms and have the vision to change things for the better. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone did this? Wouldn’t solve all the problems that we have, but would go a little way to redressing the balance. Overall I thought it was an enjoyable book, Bradbury is a reasonable writer but what comes across in this is her enthusiasm for her six-legged friends who find her garden an oasis in the modern concrete jungle.

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  1. Liz Dexter

    This does sound interesting. I hate it when people concrete over their gardens. We’ve made the effort bit by bit to add flowers and other bee and butterfly friendly elements to our rather rubbish, north-facing, hedge-bounded garden!

  2. Dorothy - Jane Mclachlan - Wortley

    I enjoyed this one too. I had aldready un-done the previous owners work in my garden but I did fing myself re-energised reading this and being of a similarish age did enjoy the memories that were inadvertently triggered of my childhood gardens and time spent in them with my parents teaching/advising me, more poignant as sadly they did not live to see the uses I would put their teachings to.

    • admin

      I liked it, but didn’t love it. Thankfully it was a library book

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