3 out of 5 stars

This was just a chance pick up in the library, the cover appealed and the title of the collection was intriguing. That and I have been trying to read more poetry, it seemed to be worth a go. Whilst there are some poems in here that have some roots in the natural world, there are others that source material from others subjects that are unexpected, for example, Christmas, maps, milk the hare and insomnia to name a few. This approach to poems about unusual subjects means that she can play with the structure of the verse on the page.


The leaves are turning and the trees

are shaking them off. Bonfire smoke

between us like a promise lingers.

It is a very different way of writing compared to say, Alice Oswald, one of the other nature poets that I have read and I thought that it was an interesting poetry collection. As with others that I have read, there were some I loved and others I found harder to fathom, but as with all poetry, I read it seems to fill a necessary gap in my reading.

Three Favourite Poems:

The Ways, Map



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