4 out of 5 stars

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Some poetry sits lightly on the page, subtly infusing your mind with its imagery. Other poems are forged from sterner stuff, written with bold intent and carry a sense of urgency and drama within the carefully chosen words. Rarely do you get poetry that is created in conjunction with photographs. With Threads though, you get that, and it makes something greater than the two individual parts.


We’re on a rollercoaster
                  with no safety bar except each other


This collection is as flamboyant as it is surreal. There are pictures of mundane household objects alongside poetry about longing, images of aliens with a verse on being an outsider. There are poems of the suffocating embrace of love, photos of tattoos and street scenes. Each poem is coupled with bold and original images that challenge you. I really liked this book, the combination of words and photos have been lavishly put together and it really does work. I found the poems really accessible, but it is the subjects that Evans is writing about that challenge your perspectives. It did remind me of a book that I read last year called Take Me To The Edge by Katya Boirand which also combined poetry with strong images. Can recommend this if you want to take your poetry explorations in a different direction.

Three Favourite Poems
Bloody Valentine
At the Serpentine

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