2017 Book Stats

Finished my last book of 2017 a day or so ago and I am not going to finish anymore before the New Year, so time to do  a little analysis on last years reading

I read a total of 192 books at an average of 16 books a month. The total number of pages was 55873. 130 of the authors were male and 62 were female or in percentage terms, 32% of my reading was female authors. Aiming to push that to nearer 40% next year.

Nine books got five stars and I gave ten books 4.5 stars. Seventy-one got 4 Stars, forty-three 3.5 stars, forty-one 3 stars, eight 2.5 stars and nine were awarded 2 stars. No one-star books this year, so either I am becoming more selective or the quality of books is improving.

The breakdown in genres was as below:

The most read publishers are below. Good to see three independent publishers in joint fourth position, with others shortly behind

I have expanded on the spreadsheet for 2018, so looking to pull more data from the reading list as time goes on.

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  1. DoingDewey

    Nice! I definitely don't think I'll have read that many books by indie publishers.

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