Anticipated Books For Autumn 2024

I’m a tiny bit late with this. I have scoured all the catalogues I could find online and went through the big pile that I had bought home from the London book fair and here is a list of new books coming out in the later part of the year that piqued my interest.



Italy’s Paradise: A History of Tuscany – Alistair Moffat

The Fresh and the Salt: The Story of the Solway – Ann Lingard



A Mudlarking Year – Lara Maiklem

How To Be A Citizen – C.L. Skach

Goodbye To Russia – Sarah Rainsford

Good Nature – Kathy Willis

The Golden Road – William Dalrymple

Smart Money – Brunello Rosa & Casey Larsen

The Starspotters Guide – Sheila Kanani

Kind – Graham Allcott

Finding Your Feet – Rhiane Fatinikun

The Long History Of The Future – Nicole Kobie

One Garden against The World – Kate Bradbury

Ebb And Flow – Tiffany Francis-Baker

Rare Singles – Benjamin Myers

The Great When – Alan Moore

The Wood At Midwinter – Susanna Clarke



Feeding the Machine: The Hidden Human Labour Powering AI – James Muldoon, Mark Graham & Callum Cant

Uprooting: From the Caribbean to the Countryside – Finding Home in an English Garden – Marchelle Farrell

The Many Lives of James Lovelock: Science, Secrets and Gaia Theory – Jonathan Watts

Raising Hare – Chloe Dalton

That Beautiful Atlantic Waltz – Malachy Tallack



Standard Deviations: The truth about flawed statistics, AI and Big Data – Gary Smith

Firebrands: 25 Pioneering Women Writers to IgniteYour Reading Life – Joanna Scutts

Vet at the End of the Earth: Adventures with Animals in the South Atlantic – Jonathan Hollins


Elliott & Thompson

Radical Rest – Evie Muir

A Winter Dictionary – Paul Anthony Jones

Owls! Owls! Owls! – Polly Atkin


Europa Editions

Shifting the Moon from its Orbit – Andrea Marcolongo

The Passenger: South Korea – Various

The Passenger: Naples – Various


Faber & Faber

Crunch – Natalie Whittle

A Year of Living Curiously – Beth Coates & Elizabeth Foley



Crypto Confidential – Jake Donoghue

Eliminating Poverty In Britain – Helen Rowe



How the World Eats: A Global Food Philosophy – Julian Baggini

The Dead of Winter: The Witches, Demons and Monsters of Christmas – Sarah Clegg

Brilliant Maps in the Wild: A Nature Atlas for Curious Minds – Mike Higgins



Syracuse – Joachim Sartorius



Exploding Tomatoes and Other Stories – Sophie Grigson

Turning to Stone – Marcia Bjornerud

A Pub For All Seasons – Adrian Tierney-Jones



Vatican Spies; From the Second World War to Pope Francis – Yvonnick Denoël Tr. Alan McKay

Secrets of a Suitcase: The Countess, the Nazis, and Middle Europe’s Lost Nobility – Pauline Terreehorst Tr. Brent Annable

A Twist in the Tail: How the Humble Anchovy Flavoured Western Cuisine – Christopher Beckman


John Murray

Time And Tide: The Long, Long Life Of Landscape – Fiona Stafford

Lost To The Sea: A Journey Round The Edges Of Britain And Ireland – Lisa Woollett


Little, Brown

Life As No One Knows It: The Physics of Life’s Emergence – Sara Imari Walker

Myths of Geography: Eight Ways We Get the World Wrong – Paul Richardson

Still Waters and Wild Waves: A Printmaker’s Journey – Angela Harding

Trees in Winter – Richard Shimell

The Tree Almanac 2025: A Seasonal Guide to the Woodland World – Dr Gabriel Hemery


Murdoch Books

Everyday Folklore – Liza Frank



What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds – Jennifer Ackerman

Mapping the Darkness: The Visionary Scientists Who Unlocked the Mysteries of Sleep – Kenneth Miller

The Science of Spin: The Force Behind Everything – From Falling Cats to Jet Engines – Roland Ennos

The Haunted Wood: A History of Childhood Reading – Sam Leith



Eat, Poop, Die: How Animals Make Our World – Joe Roman

Good Chaps: How Corrupt Politicians Broke Our Law and Institutions – And What We Can Do About It – Simon Kuper

On the Roof: A Thatcher’s Journey – Tom Allan

Tracks on the Ocean: A History of Trailblazing, Maps and Maritime Travel – Sara Caputo

Embers of the Hands: Hidden Histories of the Viking Age – Eleanor Barraclough

The Future of AI – Patrick Dixon

The Bookshop, the Draper, the Candlestick Maker: A History of the High Street – Annie Gray

A Cheesemonger’s Tour de France – Ned Palmer

Church Going: The Curious Story of Britain’s Churches – Andrew Ziminski

Larry: A New Biography of Lawrence Durrell: From India to Alexandria (1912–47) – Michael Haag



The Medieval Scriptorium: Making Books in the Middle Ages – Sara J. Charles

England’s Green: Nature and Culture since the 1960s – David Matless

The English Table: Our Food through the Ages – Jill Norman

Readers for Life: How Reading and Listening in Childhood Shapes Us – Sander L. Gilman and Heta Pyrhönen (ed)

Weeds – Nina Edwards

Wood, Whiskey and Wine: A History of Barrels – Henry H. Work


September Books

Children of the Volcano – Ros Belford

Beach Explorer – Heather Buttivant

A Ride Across America – Simon Parker



Slow Trains To Istanbul – Tom Chesshyre

All Boats Are Sinking – Hannah Pierce

Vive Le Chaos – Ian Moore

Vagabond – Mark Eveleigh


University of Wales Press

Where The Folk – Russ Williams


Verso Books

The Masters Tools – Michael Alexander McCarthy



Homecoming: A Guided Journal To Lead You Back To Nature


Are there any I have missed that you’d think I’d like? Or are there any that you didn’t know about that you are now excited about?

Let  me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’d be tempted by new books by Benjamin Myers and Susanna Clark, the two about gardens, the biography of James Lovelock and Sophie Grigson’s book, for starters!

    • Paul

      There are so great books being released!

  2. Penny

    Love it when you go through the catalogues!
    Can’t wait for the Susanna Clarke.

    • Paul

      Thank you, Penny. I don’t think I had one standout book this time. Interesting selection though

  3. Liz Dexter

    I’ve got Rare Singles on NetGalley but some lovely sounding titles all through that list!

    • Paul

      I am a big fan of his writing so will probably buy a copy.

  4. James

    Thanks Paul- some great books coming soon and I enjoy looking through the lists you post. I particularly look forward to Mallachy Tallack’s and Sarah Clegg’s books.
    One upcoming book this Autumn which maybe of interest is: The Stones of Britain- A History of Britain through its Geology by Jon Cannon (Constable 12th September).

    • Paul

      Thanks, James. I didn’t know about that book, thanks for letting me know

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