June 2022 Review

This is a bit later than planned as I have just come back off holiday in Corfu. We had a wonderful time and it was hot. Properly hot. Anyway, here are the books that I read and packed into my house in June

Books Read

Dorset Before the Camera: 1539-1855 – David Burnett – 3.5 stars

Sustainable Materials – With Both Eyes Open – Julian Allwood & Jonathan Cullen – 3 stars

One People – Guy Kennaway – 4 stars

Salt Lick – Lulu Allison – 3 stars

Jacobé & Fineta – Joaquim Ruyra – 3 stars

Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland – Lisa Schneidau – 3 stars

A Curious Absence of Chicken – Sophie Grigson – 3.5 stars

Shadowlands – Matthew Green – 4 stars

The Ottomans – Marc David Baer – 3.5 stars

The Wild Silence – Raynor Winn – 4 stars

Field Guide to Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises – Mark Carwardine – 4 stars

The Nature of Summer – Jim Crumley – 4 stars

Fox – Jim Crumley – 3.5 stars

New Leaf – Seán Lysaght – 4 stars

Scraps Of Wool – Bill Colegrave – 4 stars

The Best British Travel Writing Of The 21st Century – Ed. Jessica Vincent – 4 stars


Book Of The Month

My book of the month was The Draw Of The Sea – Wyl Menmuir. The is a wonderful eulogy to all this based around the coast. He has a way with words that makes this a wonderful read


Top Genres

Natural History – 16

Travel – 14

History – 9

Poetry – 9

Science – 7


Top Publishers

William Collins – 6

Faber & Faber – 5

Picador – 4

Unbound – 4

Eland – 4


Review Copies Received

On the Scent: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Smell – And How Losing It Can Change Our World – Paola Totaro and Robert Wainwright

The Night Wire: and Other Tales of Weird Media – Aaron Worth

Rhythms of Nature: Wildlife and Wild Places Between the Moors – Ian Carter

RSPB ID Spotlight – Ducks, Geese and Swans – Marianne Taylor, Stephen Message

RSPB ID Spotlight – Garden Bugs – Marianne Taylor, Stephen Message

The Po: An Elegy For Italy’s Longest River – Tobias Jones

Our Haunted Shores: Tales from the Coasts of the British Isles – Ed.Emily Alder& Joan Passey & Jimmy Packham

Inside Qatar: Hidden Stories From Inside One Of The Richest Nations On Earth – John Mcmanus

The Draw Of The Sea – Wyl Menmuir


Library Books Checked Out

The Ten Equations That Rule The World And How You Can Use Them Too – David Sumpter

Under The Blue – Oana Aristide

Wahala – Nikki May

Rule, Nostalgia: A Backwards History of Britain – Hannah Rose Woods

Grounding: Finding Home In A Garden – Lulah Ellender

Sea State – Tabitha Lasley


Books Bought

Field Notes: Walking The Territory – Maxim Peter Griffin

A Time From The World – Rowena Farre

wanderings – Dan Williams

When There Were Birds: The Forgotten History of Our Connections – Roy Adkins, Lesley Adkins

Alexa, what is there to know about love? – Brian Bilston

The Old Man and the Sand Eel – Will Millard

Pilgrim’s Road: A Journey to Santiago de Compostela – Bettina Selby

Spirit of Place: Letters and Essays on Travel – Lawrence Durrell

The Best of Granta Travel – Ed. Bill Buford

Longshoreman – Benjamin Pond

The Condé Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys: Great Writers on Great Places – Klara Glowczewska

Abandoned Churches: Unclaimed Places of Worship – Francis Meslet

Selected poems 1963-2003 – Charles Simic

Four Quartets – T.S. Eliot

Utz – Bruce Chatwin

My Journey to Lhasa – Alexandra David-Néel

Under A Sickle Moon: A Journey Through Afghanistan – Peregrine Hodson

Rome Sweet Rome – Archibald Lyall

Edward Vine’s Dorset – Barry Miles

Betjeman’s Britain – John Betjeman

Phosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects – Fiona Erskine

Kings of a Dead World – Jamie Mollart

The Great Horizon: 50 Tales of Exploration – Jo Woolf

Chasing the Monsoon: a Modern Pilgrimage Through India – Alexander Frater

From Sea To Shining Sea – Gavin Young

Worlds Apart – Gavin Young

What Am I Doing Here – Bruce Chatwin

Travels with Herodotus – Ryszard Kapuściński

Thesiger – Michael Asher

Up The Country – Emily Eden

Dalvi: Six Years in the Arctic – Laura Galloway

Wanderers: A History of Women Walking – Kerri Andrews

Notes from the Cévennes: Half a Lifetime in Provincial France – Adam Thorpe

Extraordinary Clouds: Skies of the Unexpected from the Beautiful to the Bizarre – Richard Hamblyn

The Old Country – Jack Hargreaves

A London Reverie – J. C. Squire

The Trespasser’s Companion – Nick Hayes

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  1. Liz Dexter

    I’ll be interested to see what you make of Wahala – I loved it. And hooray for My Journey to Lhasa – presumably in the Virago Women Travellers edition – I have that too, from that time the one-less-local Oxfam Books had a whole pile of them in. Good reading this month and you’ve come back to more heat of course! I’ve got a week off this week so hoping to get some good reading in myself.

    • Paul

      Wahala came highly recommended by Gracie @ Little Toller. It is that edition and I have a spreadsheet with a list of the rest of them to get now

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