June 2022 TBR

June! Already. Where do the months keep going? It is beyond me. It only seems a few days since I was posting the May TBR and here we are again. You know the drill, this is a frankly disturbingly long list and I am not going to read all of them, but it does give me the option to pick and choose.


Reading Through The Year

A Poem for Every Night of the Year – Allie Esiri

Word Perfect – Susie Dent


Finishing Off (Still!)

Opened Ground Poems 1966 – 1996 Seamus Heaney

The Antisocial Network – Ben Mezrich

A Still Life – Josie George

Salt Lick – Lulu Allison


Blog Tour

The Ottomans – Marc David Baer


Review Copies

Isles at the Edge of the Sea – Jonny Muir

The Good Life – Dorian Amos

Astral Travel – Elizabeth Baines

Britain Alone – Philip Stephens

We Own This City – Justin Fenton

Spaceworlds – Ed. Mike Ashley

The Power of Geography – Tim Marshall

The Spy Who Was Left Out In The Cold – Tim Tate

The Devil You Know – Gwen Adshead, Eileen Horne

Letters from Egypt – Lucie Duff Gordon

Crawling Horror – Ed. Daisy Butcher & Janette Leaf

The Valleys of the Assassins – Freya Stark

The Cruel Way – Ella Maillart

Above the Law – Adrian Bleese

Cornish Horrors – Ed. Joan Passey

Somebody Else – Charles Nicholl

Scenes from Prehistoric Life – Francis Pryor

Black Lion – Sicelo Mbatha

The Babel Message – Keith Kahn-Harris

The Heath – Hunter Davies

The Seven Deadly Sins – Mara Faye Lethem

One People – Guy Kennaway

Three Women of Herat – Veronica Doubleday

The Sloth Lemur’s Song – Alison Richard

Where My Feet Fall – Duncan Minshull

Polling UnPacked – Mark Pack

Jacobé & Fineta – Joaquim Ruyra

The View from the Hil – Christopher Somerville

The Best British Travel Writing Of The 21st Century – Jessica Vincent

Ring of Stone Circles – Stan L Abbott

Field Guide to Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises – Mark Carwardine



A Sky Full Of Kites – Tom Bowser

A Curious Absence of Chickens – Sophie Grigson

Scraps Of Wool – Bill Colegrave

Park Life – Tom Chesshyre

The Bookseller’s Tale – Martin Latham

The Spymasters – Chris Whipple

Looking for Transwonderland – Noo Saro-Wiwa

A Sky Full Of Kites – Tom Bowser

A Curious Absence of Chickens – Sophie Grigson



New Leaf – Sean Lysaght


Books to Clear

Our Game – John Le Carré

The Tailor of Panama- John Le Carré

Year of the Golden Ape – Colin Forbes

Dreaming in Code – Scott Rosenberg


Challenge Books

The Wood That Made London – C.J. Schuler

English Pastoral – James Rebanks

Wild Silence – Raynor Winn

Fox – Jim Crumley

Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland – Lisa Schneidau



Dorset Before the Camera: 1539-1855 – David Burnett


So, er, that is it. Inevitably there will be library books that have to be read as others have reserved them. Either way, I win!

Any in that list that you like the look of?

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Thank you for reminding me of The Heath, which I need to buy for my best friend, who walks there a lot!

    • Paul

      You are very welcome!

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