May 2022 TBR

A day late posting this, but May, or Beltane,  is already here, how did that happen? Without further ado, I am aiming to read around 18 of these over the coming month. This will definitely be the month that I will be reading some fiction as I have so failed to do so in April


Reading Through The Year

A Poem for Every Night of the Year – Allie Esiri

Word Perfect – Susie Dent


Finishing Off (Still!)

Opened Ground Poems 1966 – 1996 Seamus Heaney

The Hill of Devi – E.M. Forster


Blog Tour

Machine Journey – Richard Doyle

The Price of Immortality – Peter Ward

Villager – Tom Cox


Review Copies

Isles at the Edge of the Sea – Jonny Muir

The Good Life – Dorian Amos

Astral Travel – Elizabeth Baines

Britain Alone – Philip Stephens

We Own This City – Justin Fenton

Spaceworlds – Ed. Mike Ashley

The Power of Geography – Tim Marshall

The Spy Who Was Left Out In The Cold – Tim Tate

The Devil You Know – Gwen Adshead, Eileen Horne

Letters from Egypt – Lucie Duff Gordon

Crawling Horror – Ed. Daisy Butcher & Janette Leaf

The Valleys of the Assassins – Freya Stark

The Cruel Way – Ella Maillart

Above the Law – Adrian Bleese

Cornish Horrors – Ed. Joan Passey

Somebody Else – Charles Nicholl

Scenes from Prehistoric Life – Francis Pryor

Black Lion – Sicelo Mbatha

The Babel Message – Keith Kahn-Harris

The Heath – Hunter Davies

The Seven Deadly Sins – Mara Faye Lethem

One People – Guy Kennaway

Three Women of Herat – Veronica Doubleday

The Sloth Lemur’s Song – Alison Richard

Where My Feet Fall – Duncan Minshull

Polling UnPacked – Mark Pack

Jacobé & Fineta – Joaquim Ruyra

The View from the Hil – Christopher Somerville

The Best British Travel Writing Of The 21st Century – Jessica Vincent

Lost Woods – Rachel Carson

Ring of Stone Circles – Stan L Abbott

Riding Out – Simon Parker



No Friend But The Mountains – Behrouz Boochani

The Antisocial Network – Ben Mezrich

A Still Life – Josie George

Scraps Of Wool – Bill Colegrave

Mind is The Ride – Jet McDonald

Silent Earth – Dave Goulson

Iconicon – John Grindrod

Notes From A Summer Cottage – Nina Burton

39 Ways to Save the Planet – Tom Heap

Park Life – Tom Chesshyre

The Bookseller’s Tale – Martin Latham

The Spymasters – Chris Whipple

Looking for Transwonderland – Noo Saro-Wiwa

A Sky Full Of Kites – Tom Bowser

A Curious Absence of Chickens – Sophie Grigson

We, Robots – Curtis White

Secrets Of A Devon Wood – Jo Brown



Machine Journey – Richard Doyle


Books to Clear

Our Game – John Le Carré

The Tailor of Panama- John Le Carré

Year of the Golden Ape – Colin Forbes

Dreaming in Code – Scott Rosenberg


Challenge Books

The Wood That Made London – C.J. Schuler

English Pastoral – James Rebanks

Wild Silence – Raynor Winn



Dorset In Photographs – Matt Pinner


So, er, that is it. Inevitably there will be library books that have to be read as others have reserved them. Either way, I win!

Any in that list that you like the look of?

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Well I have the James Rebanks TBR and just finished and reviewed Wild Silence. I’d like to read your thoughts on The Best British Travel Writing and how diverse, etc., it is. I just directed my best friend to your review of Wanderland; she’d seen Amazon reviews about how it sees racism where there is none, etc., etc., in that way Amazon reviewers have of reacting to books by global majority people authors and was worried about it coming up on our Reading Together.

    • Paul

      Rayor has a new book coming out in the autumn. I will be reading that alongside some other general travel writing books in a week or so. I have now met Jinny and she is lovely. Her book was a great take on getting more than just nature and mental health relief from the countryside.

  2. Marcene

    English Pastoral is on my TBR. Funny how a book I’d not heard of before picking up the book, suddenly is referenced in a number of things I come across.

    • Paul

      I have had that happen in the past, and not with new books either.

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