April whizzed by! We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and I had a week off work, pottering around at home and seeing some of the beautiful Dorset countryside. Read a few books, but more about that in another post soon. Here is my TBR from May. Three bank holidays too! Though Sarah has lots of jobs around the house lined up… I have three books on Wales to read this month and quite a lot of books on walking.

Still Reading

Three Women of Herat: Afghanistan 1973-77 – Veronica Doubleday


Review Books

Isles at the Edge of the Sea – Jonny Muir

The Wonderful Mr Willughby: The First True Ornithologist – Tim Birkhead

The House of Islam – Ed Husain

On the Scent: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Smell – And How Losing It Can Change Our World – Paola Totaro and Robert Wainwright

Swan: Portrait of a Majestic Bird, from Mythical Meanings to the Modern Day – Dan Keel

Handbook of Mammals of Madagascar Hardcover – Nick Garbutt

RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife: 3rd edition – Peter Holden & Geoffrey Abbott

Reconnection: Fixing our Broken Relationship with Nature – Miles Richardson

One Fine Day: A Journey Through English Time – Ian Marchant

The Possibility of Life: Searching for Kinship in the Cosmos – Jaime Green

Once Upon a Raven’s Nest: A Life On Exmoor In An Epoch Of Change – Catrina Davies

Shaping the Wild: Wisdom from a Welsh Hill Farm – David Elias

The View from the Hill: Four Seasons in a Walker’s Britain – Christopher Somerville

Across A Waking Land: A 1,000-Mile Walk Through A British Spring – Roger Morgan-Grenville

Brittany – Stone Stories – Wendy Mewes

Minor Monuments – Ian Maleney

Real Dorset – Jon Woolcott

Taking Flight – Lev Parikian


Other Books

The Last Overland: Singapore to London: The Return Journey Of The Iconic Land Rover Expedition – Alex Bescoby

A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People’s Institution – Travis Elborough

Wanderers: A History of Women Walking – Kerri Andrews

Wild City: Encounters With Urban Wildlife – Florence Wilkinson

Endurance: 100 Tales Of Survival, Endurance And Exploration – Ed. Levison Wood

Vuelta Skelter: Riding The Remarkable 1941 Tour Of Spain – Tim Moore

The Ten Equations That Rule The World And How You Can Use Them Too – David Sumpter

Waypoints: A Journey On Foot – Robert Martineau

Sarn Helen: A Journey Through Wales, Past, Present And Future – Tom Bullough

The Passengers – Will Ashon

Between The Chalk And The Sea: A Journey On Foot Into The Past Gail Simmons


Challenge Books

The Overstory – Richard Powers

Elegy For A River: Whiskers, Claws And Conservation’s Last, Wild Hope – Tom Moorhouse

Bloom: From Food to Fuel, the Epic Story of How Algae Can Save Our World – Ruth Kassinger



Two Cures for Love: Selected Poems, 1979-2006 Wendy Cope



The Golden Valley: A Visual Biography of the Garw – Phil Cope



The Fell – Sarah Moss


So my aim of having slightly shorter TBRs really isn’t working… Any from that list that takes your fancy? Let me know in the comments below.


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