Anticipated Books for Spring 2024

As usual, I have scoured the catalogues for all the books that pique my attention I only managed to find 16 catalogues this time, so this may be updated as the others are published. So without further ado, here are the books:



Vulture Capitalism – Grace Blakeley

How To Be A Citizen – C.L. Skatch

Wild Service – Nick Hayes

Cold Kitchen – Caroline Eden

On This Holy Island – Oliver Smith

Cypria – Alex Christofi

The Tomb Of The Mili Mongga – Samuel Turvey

Warming Up – Madeline Orr

Potholes & Pavements – Laura Laker

Groundbreakers – Chantal Lyons

Cull Of The Wild – Hugh Warwick

Wild Woman – Philippa Forrester

Stowaway – Joe Shute


Bodley Head

Great Britain?: How To Get Our Future Back – Torsten Bell



Poyums – Len Pennie

Between Britain: Walking The History Of England And Scotland – Alistair Moffat

We Are Electric; The New Science Of Our Body’S Electrome – Sally Adee

Your Wild And Precious Life: On Grief, Hope And Rebellion – Liz Jensen

The Laws Of Connection: The Transformative Science Of Being Social – David Robson


Chatto & Windus

Not The End Of The World: How We Can Be The First Generation To Build A Sustainable Planet – Hannah Ritchie


Chelsea Green

Hedgelands – Christopher Hart



The Lost Carving: A Journey To The Heart Of Making – David Esterley

The Case For Nature: Pioneering Solutions For The Other Planetary Crisis – Siddarth Shrikanth

Understorey: A Year Among Weeds – Anna Chapman Parker


Elliott & Thompson

Sunken Lands – Gareth E. Rees

In All Weathers – Matt Gaw

The Way Through The Woods – Rebecca Beattie

Infinite Life – Jules Howard

This Allotment – Ed. Sarah Rigby

Radical Rest – Evie Muir

A Day In The Life Of The Green Economy – Dharshini David

The Centre Must Hold – Ed. Yair Zivan


Eye Books

Local – Alastair Humphreys


Faber & Faber

The Rising Down: Lives In An East Sussex Landscape – Alexandra Harris

How To Win An Information War: The Propagandist Who Outwitted Hitler – Peter Pomerantsev

The Vast Extent – Lavinia Greenlaw

The City Of Today Is A Dying Thing – Des Fitzgerald

Back To The Local – Maurice Gorham & Edward Ardizzone

Blossomise – Simon Armitage Ill. Angela Harding


Fitzcarraldo Editions

The Observable Universe – Heather Mccalden



All Before Me: A Search For Belonging In Wordsworth’S Lake District – Esther Rutter

The Flitting – Ben Masters



Who Owns This Sentence? – David Bellos And Alexandra Montagu

Kersten’s Lists – François Kersaudy

A History Of The World In 47 Borders – Jonn Elledge

Lvoe Ii – Atticus Poetry

Return Of The Aubergine – Sophie Grigson



The Algorithm: How Ai Can Hijack Your Career And Steal Your Future – Hilke Schellmann

Orwell’S Ghosts: Wisdom And Warnings For The 21St Century – Laura Beers

Sorry For The Inconvenience But This Is An Emergency: The Nonviolent Struggle For Our Planet’S Futur – Lynne Jones

The Great Indian Food Trip: Around A Subcontinent À La Carte – Zac O’Yeah

Italy In A Wineglass: The Taste Of History – Marc Millon


Jonathan Cape

Rapture’s Road – Seán Hewitt

The Book Forger – Joseph Hone

Ruin, Blossom – John Burnside

The Book-Makers: A History Of The Book In 18 Remarkable Lives – Adam Smyth

The Roads To Rome: A History – Catherine Fletcher


Little Toller

Set My Hand Upon The Plough – Enid Barraud


Octopus Books

I Can Hear the Cuckoo – Kiran Sidhu



Who Owns The Moon? :In Defence Of Humanity’S Common Interests In Space – A.C. Grayling


Profile Books

Exhausted: An A–Z For The Weary – Anna Katharina Schaffner

The House Divided: Sunni, Shia And Conflict In The Middle East – Barnaby Rogerson

The Language Puzzle: How We Talked Our Way Out Of The Stone Age – Steven Mithen

The Return Of The Grey Partridge Restoring Nature On The South Downs – Roger Morgan-Grenville And Edward Norfolk

Possible: 16 Ways To Net Zero – Chris Goodall

In The Long Run The Future As A Political Idea – Jonathan White

The High Seas: Ambition, Power And Greed On The Unclaimed Ocean – Olive Heffernan

Rumbles: A Curious History Of The Gut – Elsa Richardson

The New Breadline: Hunger And Hope In The Twenty-First Century – Jean-Martin Bauer

Amuse Bouche: How To Eat Your Way Around France – Carolyn Boyd

The Accidental Garden – Richard Mabey



Four Shots In The Night – Henry Hemming

Riding Route 66: Find Myself On America’S Mother Road – Henry Cole

My Family And Other Seedlings: A Year On A Dorset Allotment – Lally Snow


Reaktion Books

Saving The World: How Forests Inspired Global Efforts To Stop Climate Change From 1770 To The Present – Brett M. Bennett And Gregory A. Barton

All Mapped Out: How Maps Shape Us – Mike Duggan

Behind The Privet Hedge: Richard Sudell, The Suburban Garden And The Beautification Of Britain – Michael Gilson

Who Killed Cock Robin?: British Folk Songs Of Crime And Punishment – Stephen Sedley And Martin Carthy



Every Living Thing: The Great And Deadly Race To Know All Life – Jason Roberts



Shadow Lines – Nicholas Royle


Sort Of Books

Cairn – Kathleen Jamie


There are some really good books coming out and if I had to say which one I am most excited about it would have to be Kathleen Jamie’s.

Any here that you like the look of? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Rebecca Foster

    I’m so excited to learn that we can look forward to new books from Matt Gaw, Sean Hewitt, Kathleen Jamie and Joe Shute in 2024. Thanks, Paul!

    • Paul

      No problem at all, Rebecca

  2. Penny Hull

    I love it when you go through the catalogues!
    Lots of really good books here, and I’ve even managed to request a couple on Netgalley. The Kathleen Jamie has to be a highlight, but I also like the sound of the books by Nicholas Royle, Joseph Hone, Matt Gaw and Caroline Eden.
    Thanks so much for doing all the hard work.

    • Paul

      There are still a few that I haven’t been able to get hold of, Picador Icon to name two.

  3. Penny Hull

    Ooooo Netgalley have instantly approved the Matt Gaw book!

    • Paul

      Well done!

  4. Liz Dexter

    Well I’ve got I Can Hear the Cuckoo from NetGalley just now and have requested the Matt Gaw weather one, I already had Not the End of the World. I also have Local of course. And I will look out for you getting and reviewing some of the others! Many of the others, OK.

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