3.5 out of 5 stars

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The current Royal family can trace its lineage back to William the Bastard through the various direct links and, err, shall we say, more tenuous links. This proliferation of royalty through the ages has added a lot of history to our country and culture. Earlier monarchs seemed to spend a lot of time trying to stop themselves being killed whilst simultaneously trying to knock their competitors off. Places are as intertwined with these people as much as the history is, and in this book Caroline Taggart take us to 100 places around the UK that have had some significant events happen in this regal history.

As well as the palaces and castles that Royals are usually found in, Taggart takes us to the homes of the great and the good, seaside resorts, abbeys, riversides,  and even the odd field. In each of the 100 locations scattered across the whole country, there is a little back history of the place and the Royal personage and event associated with it. Each of the 100 locations to visit are grouped under the various Royal Houses, for example, the Tudors, the Plantagenets and the House of Hanover.

We have so much history in this country that a book like this can only skim the surface. What it does well though is provide a list of places that you can get out to and visit as well as telling you a series of anecdotes and entertaining snippets to bring the places and people to life. Would be a great read for someone who unfurls the bunting every time there is an announcement from the Buckingham Palace.

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