February 2022 Review

I am changing the way I do the monthly review for two or three months just to see if how it goes and this takes less time that it was taking me before. I am going to add in the books that I have been sent for review, bought or got from the library. I am also going to include the top three genres and publishers. So let me know what you think below.

So, February as ever, came and went in no time at all. It always seems much shorter than 28 days, but i did manage to get a grand total of fifteen books read, the target was 16.

Books Read

The Nutmeg’s Curse – Amitav Ghosh

Storyland – Amy Jeffs

Meet the Georgians – Robert Peal

Deeper Into The Wood – Ruth Pavey

The Book Of Pebbles – Christopher Stocks

Wiltshire Moods – Steve Day

The Rose of Temperaments – Various

Tell Me Who We Were Before Life Made Us – Ed. Maz Hedgehog

The Planet in a Pebble – Jan Zalasiewicz

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Universe – Andrew Newsam

The Suburbanist – Geoff Nicholson

Bengal Lancer – Francis Yeats-Brown

The Almost Nearly Perfect People – Michael Booth


I had two books of the month:

Orchard – Benedict MacDonald & Nicholas Gates

This is an evocative and well written book about the life in an orchard in Hereford

A Natural History Of The Future – Rob Dunn

This is an essential read about the problems we are causing on out planet. It is a bit grim so might not suit everyone at the moment


Top Genres

Natural History – 9

Travel – 7

History – 4


Top Publishers

William Collins – Five Books

John Murray – Two Books

Plus 26 other publishers with one book each!


Review Copies Received

Hope & Fear  – Ronald H. Fritze

The Year The World Went Mad – Mark Woolhouse


Library Books

Bewilderment – Richard Powers

A Curious Absence of Chickens – Sophie Grigson

A Song for a new Day – Sarah Pinsker

The This  – Adam Roberts


Books Bought

In England – Don McCullen

Dorset 1900 – 1999: The Twentieth Century in Photographs – David Burnett

The Most Beautiful Walk In the World – John Baxter

The Islandman – Tomas O’Crohan

Banksy: The Man Behind The Wall – Will Elsworth Jones

Hitler’s British Traitors – Tim Tate

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

A Chateau of One’s Own: Restoration Misadventures in France – Sam Juneau

Watching – Harry Lovelock

Discover Dorset: Portland – Stuart Morris

A Shepherd’s Delight – Larry Skeats

Islands Of The Trade Winds – Dr Mary Gillham

Acts of Desperation – Megan Nolan

Here Comes The Miracle – Anna Beecher

My Darling From The Lions – Rachel Long

Islands OF Abandonment – Cal Flynn

Open Water – Caleb Azumah Nelson

Document Your Culture: A Manual – Emma Warren

350 Miles: An Essex Journey – Jason Orton & Ken Worpole

Strangers: Essays on The Human and Non-Human – Rebecca Tamás

Small Bodies of Water – Nina Mingya Powles (Now signed!)

Fifty Sounds – Polly Barton (Now signed!)

The Wars of the Interior – Joseph Zarate

And Artist At Home And Abroad – David Weston

The Dorset Weather Book – Mark Ching & Ian Currie

Seaside Surrealism: Paul Nash In Swanage – Pennie Denton

France On Two Wheels – Adam Ruck

A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of Virginia Hall, WWII’s Most Dangerous Spy – Sonia Purnell

Guide to the West Dorset Countryside Paperback – Chris Jesty

Peace Work – Spike Milligan

Goodbye Soldier – Spike Milligan

Where Have All the Bullets Gone?– Spike Milligan

Mussolini: My Part In His Downfall – Spike Milligan

Monty: My part In His Victory – Spike Milligan

Rommel? Gunner Who? – Spike Milligan

Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall – Spike Milligan

Slow Trains To Venice – Tom Chesshyre

Livia – Lawrence Durrell

Tyneham – Lilian Bond

Small Island By Little Train – Chris Arnot

Letters From Skokolm – R.M. Lockley

Ireland’s Green Larder – Margaret Hickey

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – Tim Smit

Magnus Of Stonewyld – Kit Berry

The New Wild – Fred Pearce

Coasting – Elise Downing

The Trigger – Tim Butcher

It’s a Hill, Get Over It: Fell Running’s History and Characters – Steve Chilton

Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up – Tom Philips

A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People’s Institution – Travis Elborough

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud – Ana Sampson

At My Table – Nigella Lawson

Soul Music – Terry Pratchett (Signed)

Leylines of Wessex – Roger Crisp

Wimborne Minster 1992 Portrait of a Town – Alan R. Bennett


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  1. Liz Dexter

    Did you buy all those books in February? Nice reading, anyway, a good total, I did the same.

    • Paul

      I did! Kind of running out of room to put them at the moment

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