3.5 out of 5 stars

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We probably all have that one friend who if it wasn’t for bad luck, wouldn’t have any luck at all. And we have all had those situations where you are genuinely trying to be helpful and manage to put your foot right in it or say the wrong thing. One embarrassing moment was when we were out for dinner with friends and they happened to mention that they thought there was live music there sometimes. We said the last time we were there, there was this accordion player and were quite glad he wasn’t there tonight. Turn’s out that accordion player was her dad…

Keggie Carew is one of those people who has a natural ability to put her foot in it or more by chance to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This collection is her recollection of the most cringeworthy and embarrassing moment of her life. There is the story of the time when a purse went missing from her home when someone else was looking after it, a dinner party where she was completely oblivious to that fact she was sitting to a Hollywood film star, thinking it was his brother, Nigel. She learns that she is not cut out to be a waitress, mumbles her way through the Latin gardening terms and fails abysmally at matchmaking and camping in a VW Beetle in California.

These stories that Carew has recounted are always awkward, often funny, sometimes hilarious and occasionally terrifying. It shows the strength of her true character too, as what each story shows is her tenacity to keep going no matter how cringe-worthy or embarrassing they are to her. A nice light-hearted read.

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