4 out of 5 stars

For those with FOMO, the thought of not having a presence in the new social network, The This, is too much for some people. But to sign up involves more than submitting an email address and a promise to read all the targeted advertising they will through at you. For this you need a small implant injected into the roof of your mouth.

The device will then grow into your brain and allow you to connect to everyone on the network instantaneously. It is marketed as hands-free, but it seems to be consuming those that have signed up for it. Adan has heard of it, but he is quite happy with his life and the erotic female companion that comes with his Elergy phone. He is asked to write an article about The This and after that, he keeps being approached by the company to join.

He is reluctant to join, but the attention that the company are paying him has been noticed by the government. They want him to sign up and take something with him into the network…

I liked almost all of this a lot. The premise was well thought through and the plot zipped along at a fair old pace. The characters didn’t really develop that much, they were there as the pieces on the frankly terrifying social media network that is The This. The one flaw that I felt it had was that the ending was not resolved as I thought and hoped that it might be.

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