3 out of 5 stars

As a child I grew up loving Christmas, there was something warm and comforting about it at the darkest time of the year. As an adult, I have grown more cynical as it has grown into something that starts as summer ends and the expectations of the perfect presents and food are forced on us.

A lot of the ‘traditions’ that we now participate in (not in 2020 though) are not actually that old. Christmas was banned under Cromwell, It was restored after King Charles was restored to the throne and then it fizzled out. In the Victorian age, Dickens and Prince Albert were two of the people who were key in making it a thing again.

This tiny little book has charming snippets of information about our modern Christmas and where the traditions that we now have originated from, what the first advent calendars were like, what mince pies actually contained, why there is a fairy at the top of the tree and gives me convincing reasons why we shouldn’t have sprouts. Great little stocking filler.

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