Anticipated Titles for Autumn 2021

I have been through all of the autumn 2021 publishers catalogues that could lay my hands on (31 so far). I have listed all the books that I really like the look of. The majority on this list are non-fiction, as you have probably come to expect by now, but there are a smattering of fiction, sci-fi and the odd poetry in there.


4th Estate

Thinking Better – Marcus De Sautoy

A Cook’s Book – Nigel Slater


Allen Lane

Index, A History Of The – Dennis Duncan


Basic Books

Rule Of The Robots – Martin Ford



Farewell Mr Puffin – Paul Heiney

Everybody Needs Beauty – Samantha Walton

A Field Guide To Larking – Lara Maiklem

Ripples On The River – Laurie Campbell & Anna Levin

Abundance – Karen Lloyd

Tales From The Tillerman – Steve Haywood

In Kiltumper – Niall Williams & Christine Breen

Truffle Hound – Rowan Jacobsen

Urban Wild – Helen Rook

Feet First – Annabel Streets

The Book Of Vanishing Species – Beatrice Forshall


Bloomsbury Sigma

Our Biggest Experiment – Alice Bell

Worlds In Shadow – Patrick Nunn

Fire And Ice – Natalie Starkey

Sticky – Laurie Winkless


Bodley Head

Four Thousand Weeks – Oliver Burkeman


British Library

Future Crimes – Mike Ashley (Editor)



Livewired – David Eagleman

Small Bodies Of Water – Nina Mingya Powles

Explorer – Benedict Allen


Chatto & Windus

The Amur River – Colin Thubron



Why We Swim – Bonnie Tsui

Evil Geniuses – Kurt Andersen

Surrounded By Bad Bosses And Lazy Employees Or, How To Deal With Idiots At Work – Thomas Erikson

The Man Who Mistook His Job For His Life – Naomi Shragai



The Turkish Embassy Letters – Mary Wortley Montagu

A Moroccan Trilogy – Jérôme And Jean Tharaud

Bengal Lancer – Francis Yeats-Brown


Elliott & Thompson

The Pay Off – Gottfried Leibbrandt And Natasha De Terán

The Eternal Season – Stephen Rutt

Goshawk Summer: A New Forest Season Unlike Any Other – James Aldred

The Red Planet – Simon Morden

Light Rains Sometimes Fall – Lev Parikian


Europa Editions

A Short History Of Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce – Massimo Montanari Tr. Gregory Conti


Eye Books

Above The Law – Adrian Bleese



Chewing The Fat – Jay Rayner

Allegorizings – Jan Morris



The Ultimate Discworld Companion – Terry Pratchett And Stephen Briggs, Illustrations By Paul Kidby



Hello, Stranger – Will Buckingham

A Trillion Trees – Fred Pearce

Slime – Susanne Wedlich



A Portrait Of The Tree – Adrian Houston

This Is The Canon – Kadija Sesay, Deirdre Osborne And Joan Anim-Addo


Harvill Secker

The Dream Of Europe – Geert Mak



Walking Pepys’s London – Jacky Colliss Harvey

My Cyprus – Joachim Sartorius Tr. Stephen Brown


Head of Zeus

The Story Of Life In 10 1/2 Chapters – Marianne Taylor

Scenes From Prehistoric Life – Francis Pryor

Fire, Storm & Flood – James Dyke

The Heath – Hunter Davies



A Curious Absence Of Chickens – Sophie Grigson

Secret Nation – Sinclair Mckay


Hodder & Stoughton

Gifts Of Gravity And Light – Editors: Anita Roy & Pippa Marland

Firmament – Simon Clark

Journeys To Impossible Places – Simon Reeve

Trust No One Inside The World Of Deepfakes – Michael Grothaus

(Dis)Connected – Emma Gannon


Icon Books

Space 2069 – David Whitehouse

Flight Of The Diamond Smugglers – Matthew Gavin Frank

Once Upon A Time I Lived On Mars – Kate Greene

The Babel Message – Keith Kahn-Harris


Jonathan Cape

Learning To Sleep – John Burnside

Silent Earth – Dave Goulson

Vuelta Skelter – Tim Moore

Eating To Extinction – Dan Saladino


Little Toller

English Farmhouse – Geoffrey Grigson

No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen – Ken Worple

Woods Of Se Wales – Oliver Rackham

The Long Field – Pamela Petro

Aurochs And Auks – John Burnside

Venetian Bestiary – Jan Morris

Millstone Grit – Glyn Hughes



The Dawn Of Language – Sverker Johansson Tr. Frank Perry

533 – Cees Nooteboom Tr. Laura Watkinson


Nicholas Brealey

Why Travel Matters – Craig Storti



The Longest Story – Richard Girling

The Gold Machine – Iain Sinclair

Animal Vegetable Criminal –  Mary Roach

A Thing of Beauty – Peter Fiennes

By Any Other Name – Simon Morley

Life as We Made it – Beth Shapiro

Infectious – John S. Tregoning

The Invisible Universe – Matthew Bothwell


Pan Macmillan

Broken Heartlands – Sebastian Payne



Gathering Moss – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Another Bangkok Reflections On The City – Alex Kerr

This Is Your Mind On Plants – Michael Pollan



The Glass Wall – Max Egremont

The Cat Who Saved Books – Sosuke Natsukawa

New And Selected Poems – Ian Duhig

Oak – Katharine Towers


Profile Books

The Nation Of Plants – Stefano Mancuso

What’S The Use? – Ian Stewart

Being A Human – Charles Foster

A Spotter’S Guide To Countryside Mysteries – John Wright

The Library – Andrew Pettegree And Arthur Der Weduwen

Fabric – Victoria Finlay

The Wordhord – Hana Videen


Reaktion Books

Crime Dot Com – Geoff White

Blood, Sweat And Earth – Tijl Vanneste

The Sea – Richard Hamblyn

Miracles Of Our Own Making – Liz Williams

Most Unimaginably Strange – Chris Caseldine



Storyland – Amy Jeffs


September Publishing

The Wheel: The Witch’s Way Back to the Ancient Self – Jennifer Lane


Seven Dials

Frozen In Time – Rhys Charles


Square Peg

The Swan – Stephen Moss



Invisible Sun – Charles Stross



Woodston – John Lewis-Stempel

London Clay – Tom Chivers

Making Numbers Count – Chip Heath And Karla Starr

Liquid History – John Warland

The Soaring Life Of The Lark – John Lewis-Stempel


Two Roads

An Atlas Of Endangered Animals – Megan Mccubbin

A Spell In The Wild – Alice Tarbuck



Mainstream – Ed Justin Davis & Nathan Evans



The Star Builders – Arthur Turrell


William Collins

The Black Ridge – Simon Ingram

Cider Country – James Crowden

Sbs – Silent Warriors – Saul David


WW Norton

The Sound Of The Sea – Cynthia Barnett

Cryptography – Keith Martin

Super Volcanoes – Robin George Andrews

Seed Money – Bartow J. Elmore


Any that take your fancy? More importantly, are there any that I might have missed that you know about?

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Ooh a super list! I just bought The Parakeeting of London published by a tiny press, Paradise Road, although they only seem to have three books out so far …

    • Paul

      Thank you, Liz! I will look out for that one

  2. BookerTalk

    I like the sound of A Short History Of Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce – probably best not to read that when I’m hungry though.
    I’ve seen Walking Pepys London reviewed somewhere in the blog world and have put it on my wishlist for when (fingers crossed) I get to go to London again

    • Paul

      I am more than happy to send on the copy that I have to you after I have read it, Karen. I saw it too, I think it was on Jason’s blog

      • BookerTalk

        That’s so generous of you Paul, thank you. I’ll only say yes if you agree to letting me pay for the postage!

        • Paul

          The publisher wants a review close to the publication date so I will send it on after that. I would never dream of charging postage, Karen. It is only going to be a pound or so as it is such a slim volume.

          • BookerTalk

            So long as you are sure Paul, I shall just say thank you in advance. Maybe I can return your generosity at a later date

          • Paul

            I am. I get so many books that I have to pass them on. I post books to people all the time

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