May 2022 Review

Only having one Bank Holiday in May this year threw me a little but we do get a double in June! Yeah! Anyway, onto the books that I read and entered my house in the month of May


Books Read

Mind is The Ride – Jet McDonald – 3.5 Stars

39 Ways to Save the Planet – Tom Heap – 3.5 Stars

Lost Woods – Rachel Carson – 4 Stars

Villager – Tom Cox Fiction– 4 Stars

No Friend But The Mountains – Behrouz Boochani – 4 Stars

Notes From A Summer Cottage – Nina Burton– 3 Stars

Secrets Of A Devon Wood – Jo Brown Natural History– 4 Stars

Dorset In Photographs – Matt Pinner Photography– 4 Stars

Machine Journey – Richard Doyle– 3 Stars

Otherlands – Thomas Halliday – 3.5 Stars

The Price of Immortality – Peter Ward Science – 4 Stars

The Antisocial Network – Ben Mezrich – 3 Stars

The Hill of Devi – E.M. Forster– 3.5 Stars

The Great North Road – Steve Silk Travel – 4 Stars

Riding Out – Simon Parker Travel – 4 Stars


Books Of The Month

Silent Earth – Dave Goulson – 4.5 Stars – This should be essential reading for anyone slighting interested in the welfare of our planet and the creatures that we rely on for our survival.


Top Genres

Natural History – 13 books
Travel – 12 books
Poetry – 8 books
History – 7 books
Science- 7 books


Top Publishers

William Collins – 6 books
Picador – 4 books
Faber & Faber – 4 books
Eland  – 3 books
Allen Lane  – 3 books


Review Copies Received

New Leaf by Sean Lysaght

Taking Stock – Roger Morgan-Grenville

The Ottomans – Marc David Baer

A Village In The Third Reich – Julia  Boyd  & Angelika Patel

A River Runs Through Me – Andrew Douglas-Home

The Serpent Coiled in Naples – Marius Kociejowski


Library Books Checked Out

Salt Lick – Lulu Allison

Otherlands – Thomas Halliday

The Ship Asunder – Ton Nancollas

Walking With Nomads – Alice Morrison

Gnomon – Nick Harkaway

Shadowlands – Matthew Green

What Abigail Did That Summer – Ben Aaronovitch

Elegy For a River – Tom Moorhouse

In Search of One Last Song – Patrick Galbraith

Nine Quarters Of Jerusalem – Matthew Teller

Sustainable Materials – Julia Allwood


Books Bought

South from Barbary: Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara – Justin Marozzi

Sea Change: The Summer Voyage from East to West Scotland of the Anassa – Mairi Hedderwick

Empires of the Indus: The Story of a River – Alice Albinia

Talking to Zeus: My Year in a Greek Garden – Jane Shaw

Wild Ruins: The Explorer’s Guide to Britain Lost Castles, Follies, Relics and Remains – Dave Hamilton

Silent Spring – Rachel Carson

Atmospheric Dorset – Kris Dutson

Bournemouth 1810 – 2010: From Smugglers to Surfers – Vincent May

Good Evening Mrs Craven – Mollie Panter-Downes

The Perfect Golden Circle – Benjamin Myers

Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain – Pen Vogler

England on Fire: A Visual Journey Through Albion’s Psychic Landscape by Stephen Ellcock, Adam Gordon

Radical Landscapes: Art, Identity and Activism by Darren Pih & Laura Bruni

Silverview John Le Carre

Everything I Found On The Beach – Cynan Jones

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Ooh, was the Ottomans for the Wolfson? I’m working my way through Going to Church in Medieval England, it’s ever so good but it is a big one and I never seem to have quite enough time (not as bad as the year I had that 1,000-pager on the oceans!

    • Paul

      It is indeed. Though I haven’t got any resources through for it yet as per normal for Midas!

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