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Welcome to the second in y series of discovering a little about bloggers reading journeys. This week it is the turn of Lisa, a *mumbles* forty-something British Book Blogger and Reviewer. She has loved reading and all things books as long as She can remember. She lives in Hampshire in the South of England and needs coffee to function as a human being. Her love of books is getting ridiculous.

My world pretty much evolves around books. So if she goes missing, you’ll generally find her wrapped in a blanket or in the bath with her nose in a book or Kindle. Sometimes though she is reading about books on Goodreads. Or loitering on Twitter. But not browsing ARCs on NetGalley for hours on end fighting my request urges. Oh and lastly I recently joined Instagram and Pinterest.

She mainly reads horror, psychological thrillers and historical fiction, but lately, she has been getting into some non-fics, like true crime and the natural world. I also enjoy poetry, short stories and occasionally go for some light-hearted reads or humour.

When not reading she like spending time in the natural world, and walking everywhere. Anything to combat the excesses of wine and food that she loves.


What is your earliest reading memory?

My earliest reading memory has to be practising with my Mum at bedtime for a whole week to read Ladybird Book ‘The Enormous Turnip’. I can still picture the 1970’s itchy blankets on my bed and feeling very proud when I was able to read from start to finish in one sitting 😌


What was your favourite childhood book?

My favourite childhood book was so many, but the one that always sticks in my mind is called Frank and Polly Muirs Big Dipper (sounds iffy 🤣) It was a treasury of stories, poems, funny quizzes etc. The last story in it was called ‘Whatamess’ about a very dishevelled dog if I remember rightly! 😅


What book do you remember reading at school?

School reading, now that has to be James Herberts ‘The Dark’. Very violent and gory and it did the rounds in senior school. Everyone in my circle loved it, and then the deputy head confiscated it. How dare you Mr Ellis! I can still see him now, wandering off thumbing through it. I reckon he read as well! 😂


What was the book that changed you?

The book that changed me – that’s a tough one. Probably The Dark as stated above, to be honest! It was the first horror, and adult book I’d ever read and I’ve never looked back. Horror has always been my first bookish love 🖤


Who was the author who helped you discover a whole new genre?

The author that helped me discover a whole new genre was Sarah Waters. Historical fiction! Love it  with a passion.


What was the last book that you bought?

The last book I bought was a Christmas pressie actually! The new Brandon Sanderson The Lost Metals for my husband! 🤫 don’t tell him 😂


What was the last book you reread?

The last book I reread was We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. I read it every year without fail. Long time favourite.


What was the last book you couldn’t finish?

The last one I couldn’t finish – let me check my Goodreads – Of Cottages and Cauldrons. It was an autumnal anthology and I was pulled in by the cover art 🤦🏻‍♀️ the stories were, for want of a better word, amateur. I gave it my best shot. But it was pretty bad imo 😬


The book I am currently reading

I’m currently reading 2! Beast by Matt Wesolowski book 4 in the Six Stories series. I’m reading it together with my husband. We sit together on the sofa and alternate chapters. And I’m also reading Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung. A Korean short story collection which is equal parts genius and demented 😂 exactly the kind of thing I love!


Where do you read?

Where I read – on the sofa mainly and in the bath most nights!


What books / genre do you turn to, to get out of a reading slump?

Terry Pratchett usually gets me out of a reading slump, or The Hobbit. Or I’d pick up a collection to ease myself back in.


What was your last five star read?

My last 5 star read was The Carnivorous Plant by  Andrea Mayo, again, translated fiction. Very tough read about domestic violence and coercion. Hard but powerful. Deserved all the stars.


How many books do you currently own?

I can’t possibly tell you how many books I own but including kindle books well over 1000 😬🤫 without kindle, probably in excess of 500 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I wonder why I have no storage space left 🤣


What is the oldest book on your bookshelves?

The oldest book on my shelf is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which I believe was bought for me in about 1979 by my Nan and Grandad. I’d have to double check that date but it’s define of the oldest and it’s falling apart so I try not to touch it too much!


What book did you last buy based on the cover?

Probably Cursed Bunny – I saw it in a charity shop and for whatever reason, I gravitate towards books with rabbits/hares on the front. Weird. 🐰


What book do you always recommend?

I always recommend Maggie Richell-Davies’ The Servant. It’s under the radar and deserves to be a bestseller. An incredible historical fiction, it’s my book of the year this year!

You can find Lisa all over the internet. Her linktree is here

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Lovely! A very different reading life to mine but I remember Whatamess and it’s excellent to read about other people’s bookish lives. I’m there with Lisa on NetGalley, too …

    • Paul

      Thank you, did you want to do one of these too? I still have some outstanding on Netgalley and have stopped requesting books on there now as I read so little on a screen.

      • Liz Dexter

        Oh, yes, I’d love to! Do I just answer all the questions and email it to you? Write in the third person to save you having to change it over?

        • Paul

          Excellent, thank you. I will email you the list of questions over the weekend. However you want to answer them. If you can do the bio in the third person though, that would help

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