2.5 out of 5 stars

Even though people spend an inordinate amount of time looking at our phones or other forms of screens at the moment, one of the things that we have learnt in the past few years is just how much we as a species are dependent on nature. In one form or other, it feeds, clothes and shelters us. Everything is utterly interlinked too, so as we change one thing, we inadvertently affect numerous other things.

The other thing that the natural world can do though, is to heal us. Time spent near rivers and trees has all sorts of benefits for our mental and physical health. This is not just speculation, but scientific evidence has demonstrated this in many different studies.

For some people reconnecting with nature is not always easy, sometimes this is an access thing nut there are often other reasons behind this. In Grounded, Ruth Allen is here to help those who want to reconnect to the natural world in eight separate stages. Beginning with Presence, each of the chapters has simple explanations as to what she is trying to get you to do, along with clear steps to bring you closer to nature.

I thought that it was written in a very clear and straightforward way and it is a beautifully presented book with some stunning images and what feels like a lot of space around the prose. A lot of what Allen writes here makes sense, and it picks up on similar themes that I have read in other books, such as Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens. However, I didn’t think that this book was really for me; I found it had too much mindfulness for my liking.


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