2.5 out of 5 stars

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Mindfulness is a technique for improving your attention to things happening around you. It also teaches you to consider what you have seen and to reflect on your thought, emotions and sensations that happened. It aims to stop your mind drifting when trying to concentrate on something by using skills that can be learnt from meditation. This book is the Mindfulness’s team’s guide on how to respond to the benefits that the natural world can give.

It is full of outlines that aim to prompt you to think and focus on particular details or wider aspects of the natural world, for example, there is an idea on how to bring the outside world into your home, cloud spotting, meditations, poems, suggestions of things to spot and items to forage. For some people, this would be a great book, especially those that have spent far too long indoors away from the wild. There are lots of pointers for increasing engagement with the natural world. I get what they are doing here, using the mindfulness philosophy trying to remake the connection that people have lost from the natural world more accessible and not frightening or bewildering. Whilst this would be ideal for some people it is not entirely my sort of thing. A bit too head in the clouds for my liking.

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