4 out of 5 stars

As the Battle of Britain rages over the village of Woodville. Several planes have crashed and one of the villagers has been keeping parts of them in one of his barns. He is terrified when he realises that there is a poltergeist who is flinging the debris about in it. The three witches use a spell to realise the spirit. It is as they are leaving, Faye turns to see another ghost in the barn still, an airman who is scared on his face.

The three witches are visited by the leader of the Council of High Witches. It is a warlock, called Bellamy, The previous incumbent has been removed following the events covered in the previous book. He is there to ask the three witches to join him in casting a spell to stop the probable Nazi invasion.

They are going to be joined by witches from all over the country to create this cone of power and to gain maximum power for the spell tells them they will need to be skyclad. The witches are more than happy to help, but if he thinks they are getting their kit off, he has another thing coming…

These are a nice easy read and this is another enjoyable book in the series. The plot is not overly complex, and there are little subplots going on that have carried on from the previous books. I think that I worked out some of the essential plot pointss earlier in the book. It didn’t spoil it for me though. Being a series, I kind of know that everything is going to be okay, but there is a certain amount of jeopardy in the journey to the conclusion which I think makes for entertaining reading. Looking forward to the next one which I have just got out of the library.

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