3 out of 5 stars

After her previous adventures being sent into another world to just retrieve a lost book sounds perfect. But there is a catch. The world that they are going to be sent to, an alternative 1920s New York full of trigger happy cops and gangsters who are doing their best to work around the prohibition laws.

On top of that Irene is seen as an expendable and deniable resource as the other reason that she has been asked to go is to extract a young librarian who has found himself entangled in the political conflict of two dragon families. The neutrality that the entire library has always sought is under threat.

Arriving in the world she is arrested very soon after as they think that she is a notorious female gangster just in from London. She manages to extract herself from the clutches of the police, but as her photo is spread around the newspapers, she realises that this is not going to be an undercover operation. Next has to find the missing librarian and they have given her a method of determining his location.

She locates him in the next town but getting there is not going to be easy given her profile. Kai and her make their way there and are soon picked up by the local mobster who employs a Fae as one of his assassins. This job is going to be much harder than she thought and she hadn’t met the two dragon factions yet…

This was probably more intense than the previous book in the series. It was nice too, to get away from the theme of the first three, the battle with Alberich. It is a good plot concept too, with a whole different spin of her abilities as a librarian spy. One issue I had, and I have it with all of this type of book, is that however much she gets into scrapes or very deep in the dragon do-do, you know that she is going to get out ok as there is another book in the series. I still like the series though and will be carrying on with the fifth book soon.

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