3.5 out of 5 stars

Everyone loves a holiday, a new place to explore, a language to learn, a different culture to get a little insight of. But for some people, ok the British, it can be a time that is fraught with unforseen challenges such as a very different way of queuing that we are used to, discovering that the sun is much stronger and that pink is not just for lobsters. There is the food too, it’s different, and in certain cases was still moving not long before it appeared on your plate, and there is the issue of not being able to find crisps in anything other than paprika flavour or anything resembling a decent cup of tea.


Saying sorry to locals for no reason and getting annoyed when they don’t say it back


And even when we are not sure where to go on holiday, we know that we will probably end up in the same place as last year, just because. Taking us from the anticipation, the journey to the airport, what to pack and how to prepare for the flight. There are chapters on beachwear, the weather, cruises and even a chapter on skiing for those that think hurtling down a hill on a couple of planks of wood is fun. There is even a Staycation quiz for those not sure if they wish to go on holiday or not too.


Ooh, you’ve caught the sun

Translation: Ooh, you look like you’ve been swimming in a volcano


This is another really funny book by the guy who manages to succinctly sum up the peculiar way that the British interact with themselves and others around the world. He very much has his tongue in his cheek when writing this, but there are parts when you read them that make you cringe a little, as you have heard yourself say them. Great stuff

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