20 Books of Summer 2022

It was warm over the weekend, but it is very much NOT summery out there at the moment. However, that is no reason not to want to announce my book list for 2o Books of Summer.

This challenge was dreamt up by Cathy at 746 Books, it is a challenge for bloggers and anyone else and the aim is to try and read through 20 books that are on their TBR. I have tried for the past two years. In the first year, I read 18, in 2020 managed 12 and in 2021 only 10! I like the idea of it and It is good to support other bloggers in what they are doing to promote reading but I have always been disappointed in failing to complete it every time so far.  I did um and ah about doing it. l like to pick themes usually, I have had travel, and outstanding review books and then realised that it fits in with another challenge that I am undertaking:

I raised that on the spreadsheet that I have been using ,I physically had 20 books that I had not read from the categories above. So without further ado, here is my list of books:

Fish The Old Man and The Sand Eel Will Millard
Urban Wildlife Fox Jim Crumley
Land Rules / Trespass The Book of Trespass: Crossing the Lines that Divide Us Nick Hayes
Classic Nature Novel The Overstory Richard Powers
Walking Trail I Belong Here: A Journey Along the Backbone of Britain Anita Sethi
Another Country Wild Nephin Sean Lysaght
Migration Swifts and Us: The Life of the Bird that Sleeps in the Sky Sarah Gibson
Nature Restoration / Recovery A Trillion Trees: How We Can Reforest Our World Fred Pearce
Short Stories At the Pond: Swimming at the Hampstead Ladies’ Pond Various
Sky My House of Sky: A Life of J A Baker Hetty Saunders
Glaciers / Mountains Two Trees Make a Forest: Travels Among Taiwan’s Mountains & Coasts in Search of My Family’s Past Jessica J. Lee
Mental Health A Still Life: A Memoir Josie George
Water (Sea / River / Ocean) Caught By The River Jeff Barrett, Robin Turner, Andrew Walsh (Editor)
Remote Nature True North Gavin Francis
Ferocious Animals Black Lion: Alive in the Wilderness Sicelo Mbatha
Trees Living Trees Robin Walters
The Forest The Wood That Made London C.J. Schuler
Farm English Pastoral An Inheritance James Rebanks
Auto-biography Wild Silence Raynor Winn
Folklore / Folktales Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland Paperback Lisa Schneidau

Follow the hashtag #20booksofsummer22 to follow those who are taking part this year.

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  1. Cathy746books

    Thanks for taking part Payul and I love the way you have themed your ist! Good luck.

    • Paul

      Thank you for organising it each year!

  2. Liz Dexter

    Nice list! I’ve read and enjoyed Trespass and Wild Silence, I think unfortunately I Belong Here might fall down for you as it did for me but we’ll see. Enjoy! I don’t have much nature on mine, just The Last Puffin and A Wood of Ones Own at the start and finish.

    • Paul

      I have seen mixed reviews of I Belong Here. I bought a copy because I think that it is important to support minority authors, and publishers will respond to sales of books

      • Liz Dexter

        I think I reviewed it for Shiny so might have accentuated the positives. There is a good book in there but it could have done with a harder edit. I’ll be interested in your take on it.

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