August 2022 Review

I had hoped to get more read in August because we had ten days off and were away in Jersey. Ended up doing lots of other things and not reading as much, but that is life. Did read 16 though, and bought a load! As usual.

Books Read

Outsiders – Ed. Alice Slater – 3.5 Stars

Nine Quarters Of Jerusalem: A New Biography Of The Old City – Matthew Teller – 3 Stars

The Restless Kings: Henry II, His Sons and the Wars for the Plantagenet Crown – Nick Barratt – 3.5 Stars

Ring of Stone Circles: Exploring Neolithic Cumbria – Stan L Abbott – 3.5 Stars

Word Drops: A Sprinkling of Linguistic Curiosities – Paul Anthony Jones – 4 Stars

Time On Rock – Anna Fleming – 3 Stars

Under Pressure: Living Life and Avoiding Death on a Nuclear Submarine – Richard Humphreys – 4 Stars

Where The Wildflowers Grow My Journey Through Botanical Britain – Leif Bersweden – 4 Stars

Living with Trees: A Common Ground Handbook – Robin Walter – 4.5 Stars

(un)interrupted tongues – Dal Kular – 3.5 Stars

Every Breath You Take – Mark Broomfield – 3.5 Stars

Planetfall – Emma Newman – 3.5 Stars

After Atlas – Emma Newman – 4 Stars

Before Mars – Emma Newman – 4.5 Stars

Atlas Alone – Emma Newman – 4.5 Stars


Book Of The Month

Field Notes – Maxim Peter Griffin – 5 stars

This is a magnificent blend of art and psychogeography and if you like either of those things then I would suggest you buy a copy.


Top Genres

Natural History – 22

Travel – 17

History – 12

Poetry – 11

Fiction – 8

Memoir – 8

Science – 8

Environmental – 6

Science Fiction – 4

Photography – 4

(I need to read some more travel books this month!!)


Top Publishers

Faber & Faber – 8

William Collins – 7

Unbound – 5

Gollancz – 4

Bloomsbury – 4

Picador – 4

Canongate – 4

Eland – 4

Little Toller – 4

Summersdale – 3


Review Copies Received

brother. do. you. love. me. – Manni Coe & Reuben Coe

The Horned God: Weird Tales of the Great God Pan – Ed. Michael Wheatley

Escape from Model Land: How Mathematical Models Can Lead Us Astray and What We Can Do About It – Erica Thompson

The Grove: A Nature Odyssey in 19 ½ Front Gardens – Ben Dark

The Accidental Detectorist: The Adventures of a Reluctant Metal Detectorist – Nigel Richardson

You’ve Been Played: How Corporations, Governments and Schools Use Games to Control Us All – Adrian Hon


Library Books Checked Out

Secret Britain: A journey through the Second World War’s hidden bases and battlegrounds – Sinclair McKay

Afropean: Notes From Black Europe – Johny Pitts

Apple Island Wife: Slow Living In Tasmania – Fiona Stocker

Small Island: A History Of Britain In 12 Maps – Philip Parker

Far From The Light – Tade Thompson


Books Bought

A Dorset Camera: 1855 – 1914 – David Burnett

Scotland: The Wild Places – Colin Prior (Signed)

A Lizard in My Luggage: Mayfair to Mallorca in One Easy Move – Anna Nicholas

Bottoms Up in Belgium – Alec le Sueur (Signed)

Free: Coming of Age at the End of History – Lea Ypi

The Museum of Whales You Will Never See: Dreamers and Collectors in Iceland – A. Kendra Greene

A Handful of Honey: Away to the Palm Groves of Morocco and Algeria – Annie Hawes

Letters to Camondo – Edmund de Waal

Cuckoo: Cheating by Nature – Nick Davies

Cuba – The Land of Miracles: A Journey Through Modern Cuba – Stephen Smith

Viva Mexico!: A Traveller’s Account of Life in Mexico – Charles Macomb Flandrau

Ask Sir James: The Life of Sir James Reid, Personal Physician to Queen Victoria – Michaela Reid

The Train in Spain: Ten Great Journeys Through The Interior – Christopher Howse

Love Her Wild – Atticus

Selected Poems – Lawrence Durrell (Signed)

Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran – Jason Elliot

The Owl Service – Alan Garner

I’m a Joke and So Are You: Reflections on Humour and Humanity – Robin Ince

Paranormal Purbeck: A Study of the Unexplained – David Leadbetter


Any of those that you have come across before or read yourself? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Liz Dexter

    Ooh, Afropean is brilliant! Please read immediately!

    • Paul

      I will bump it up the list

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