December 2019 TBR

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, I look back at all the books that I’d thought I’d get to and largely failed to do so. So many book but so little time. This month is a case of catching up on a couple of challenges that I have been doing and still have books to read for and trying to work my way through what is an ever-increasing review TBR!


Award Winner Challenge

The idea behind this was to choose books that were winners or long and shortlisted for a variety of types of literary prizes. The ones that I have left to read by the end of the year are:

On Beauty – Zadie Smith

Our Endless Numbered Days – Clare Fuller

The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

In the Days of Rain – Rebecca Stott

Blood on the Page – Thomas Harding



Two left to go on this, (still!!!), even British it is almost winter…

Blue Mind: How Water Makes You Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols

When the Rivers Run Dry: Water – The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-first Century by Fred Pearce


Library Books

Messy – Tim Harford

The Gentle Art of Tramping – Stephen Graham

Superheavy: Making And Breaking The Periodic Table – Kit Chapman

The Edge Of The World: A Cultural History Of The North Sea And The Transformation Of Europe – Michael Pye


Winter Themed

The Library of Ice – Nancy Campbell

The Nature Of Winter – Jim Crumley

Father Christmas’s Fake Beard – Terry Pratchett


Review Books

Time and Place – Alexandra Harris

The Many Lives of Carbon – Dag Olav Hessen, Tr. Kerri Pierce

Spinning Silver – Naomi Novrik

Stealing With The Eyes – Will Buckingham

The Saddest Pleasure: A Journey on Two Rivers by Moritz Thomsen

The Book of Puka-Puka: A Lone Trader in the South Pacific by Robert Dean Frisbie

Irreplaceable: The Fight To Save Our Wild Places by Julian Hoffman

Incandescent – Ann Levin

The House of Islam – Ed Husain

Blue Mind – Wallace J. Nichols

When the Rivers Run Dry – Fred Pearce

Wintering – Stephen Rutt

The Glass Woman – Caroline Lea

Vickery’s Folk Flora – Roy Vickery

Sunfall by Jim Al-Khalili


Own Books / Wishful thinking

The Art of Life Admin – Elizabeth Emens (To be read after Messy!)

The Wee Free Men – Terry Pratchett


Any there that you have read, or perhaps take your fancy (I know that some have been on previous TBRs!)

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  1. Dave Graham

    The only one of those I’ve read is the Pratchett. I’ve got Spinning Silver and The Glass Woman on my own tbr though

    • Paul

      The Christmas Pratchett was £4 in the Works and I hadn’t got a copy

  2. Annabel

    I very much enjoyed Messy, and Our Endless Numbered Days was my book of the year when first published. The Library of Ice is still in my own TBR stack. Happy December reading!

    • Paul

      Thank you, Annabel. Finally started Our Endless Numbered Days last night and am now 100 pages in

  3. Liz Dexter

    You will like The Library of Ice, I haven’t read any of the others but it looks like a good list!

    • Paul

      I have been meaning to read it for absolutely ages!!!

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