3 out of 5 stars

A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Frogs have been around far longer than us and are found on every continent except Antarctica. There are thought to be around 8300 species of these amphibians. So far we have identified around 88% of them. They may be more, but no one really knows.

Sometimes you never know the true value of a creature until it becomes a memory – Suzy Cato

Most live in damp places as you’d expect, by being ever adaptable there are some that can live in deserts. This book is a collection of amazing photographs and quotes that Bishop has collected together. The text is from a variety of people such as  Harrison Ford, Colin Tudge, Roald Dahl, Lou Read and even one from a puppet; you’ve guessed it, Kermit.

When we save the frogs, we’re protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans – Kerry Kriger

This is a delightful little book. The quotes are quite memorable and amusing occasionally about our little amphibious friends. Couple this together with a series of stunning images and it is quite the visual feast. Seeing all these pictures reminds me that not all frogs are green; the colour variation between the various species is just staggering. There is a list of the species at the back of the book, but I did feel that it could have done with a few lines about each of them to highlight where they come from and if they are endangered or not.

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