5 out of 5 stars

Something is stirring deep in the chalk. The animals can sense it and Tiffany Aching can feel it through her boots too. A once vanquished enemy is gaining strength once again. Tiffany has enough to do in her steading as her reputation had grown on the Ramtops but her life is about to change in ways that she could not imagine.

There has been a death and this death has sent ripples all around Discworld.

The elves realise that this is their chance as the force that held them in place is now weaker. It may be time to make their move on the world above. To push them back again, Tiffany is going to need all the help that she can get from all the witches that she knows and of course the Nac Mac Feegles.

To protect the land; her land; there will be a reckoning…

So that is it. There are no more Discworld books after this.


And it makes me really sad.

It is a finely plotted end to the forty-one novels of the wonderful mad world that he created. There were flaws though, elements of the plot were a thin veneer in comparison to his earlier books that were rich and deep with subtle nods to other great works of art and literature. It saddens me that even though there were plans for ten more stories and almost certainly ideas that had been squirrelled away for books not yet conceived we will never ever know what they were to be as his last request was to have the hard disc crushed under a steam roller.

But, I can forgive him all of that. He knew this was his last book, and he want one of his great characters with him on his journey across the black sands.

R I P Terry. Thanks for everything

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