Secrets of a Devon Wood by Jo Brown

4 out of 5 stars

I have often wondered about keeping a record of some of the species that I see but have never quite got around to it. Knowing me it will probably be a spreadsheet. What I can’t do though is the amazing way of recording the wildlife that Jo Brown finds in her garden and near her home.

In this beautiful book are ninety pages of her beautiful art of creatures such as blue tits and frogs, insects like the cockchafer and shield bugs and orchids, campions and a number from the weird and wonderful world of fungi.

These are a stunning set of artworks that Jo has made from the common and less common wildlife that is found in her garden or at various locations near her home. I like her style, the pictures feel alive and dynamic and are full of colour and details. Each of the pages has notes about the featured subject, and details on what you need to look for when identifying them. I like that she has recorded the location of most of the flora fauna and fungi on each of the pages. So locations, like her garden or for particular rare species are kept deliberately secret. Highly recommended.

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  1. Liz Dexter

    That sounds brilliant! We’re terrible at lists, we don’t even have life lists for our birding, though keep meaning to just download a sheet (or, indeed, a spreadsheet).

    • Paul

      It is such a beautiful book

      • Jason Denness

        Gonna have to add this to the old wishlist

        • Paul

          It is well worth getting hold of a copy.

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